Good Times Dog Training offers several different classes in Kanab and Saint George. When a class is going to be starting it will be posted in either the Classes in Kanab or Classes in St. George sections, depending on where it is being offered.  This post is a basic description of the classes often offered.

Feel free to email me at if you have an interest in one of the classes.

Good Manners (Basic Obedience)–This class focuses on the connection between the dog and his handler.  Both you and your dog should be having fun, and working happily with each other.  Some of the topics covered will be getting and keeping  your dog’s attention, greeting politely without jumping, sit, down, come, stay, walk politely on leash.

4 month old pups practice “stay”

Beyond Basics–This takes what you and your dog learned in Good Manners, and strengthens it.  Distractions are added for your dog to work around, and some tricks are introduced.

Heeling off leash.

Canine Good Citizen Prep–The Canine Good Citizen Test was developed by the AKC to encourage dog owners to train their dogs to be polite citizens in public.  This class is aimed at being prepared for the test.



Tricks–Tricks, tricks, tricks!  What fun, and what great training for our dogs.  Tricks aren’t just party games, but actually greatly increase communication between the dog and handler.


Nosework–Dogs love sniffing out things.  This class takes that love and turns it into a fascinating game for you and your dog.  It can be working toward competing in the sport of Nosework, or using it as fun and mental stimulation for your dog.



Down to indicate
Down To Indicate



Found it!
Found it!


Freestyle–Dancing with your dog!  You don’t have to dance unless you want to, but you and your dog move to music.  It is great fun, and builds solid communication between the dancing partners (you and your dog).  In Kanab, there is the Red Rock Freestyle Club with a facebook page.

I’ll post classes as they are scheduled.  Feel free to leave me a comment on what you would like.


  1. I highly recommend Keith. Lycan, my husky, and I have worked with her for almost 2 years. We have gone from my husky learning to trust me to basic manners, tricks, and freestyle. It has really enhanced my life and Lycan’s. She has made classes fun for us by bringing new tricks to the table. We set goals and perform freestyle dances a couple of times a year. Build a better relationship with your dog, work with Keith!

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