Treibball–what is it? Also called Urban Herding, the dog herds balls rather than sheep!



Can My Dog Do It?

Any fairly active dog can do Treibball–small dogs, large dogs, herding breeds, non-herding breeds or mixes. You and your dog will learn many skills, and greatly increase your communication.

Any size dog

What Will My Dog And I Learn?

Your dog will learn to go out to a marker when asked, a super stay, how to orient to your front (so he can push the ball to you), to go different directions when asked, and of course, to push a ball. Your dog will develop great impulse control–he will learn to work with you as a partner, rather than just running around in a frenzy. You will also find your reward system will strengthen–a must for training a dog to work with joy.

Where And When?

We are hoping to have another Treibball class up and running in Kanab in the near future.

Contact me at or 540-748-3093 for more information.


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