terrier pushing ball

Does your dog need a job? Or do you and your dog want something super fun to do together? Treibball is the answer! Teach your dog to herd balls in place of sheep. Great for high energy dogs, but more sedate dogs also love it. Wonderful physical and mental exercise.  The foundation skills will be useful in your every day life with your dog, not just in Treibball.

What is Treibball? Check out this article to find out what Treibball is all about.


We have a class in progress now and are forming another class in Kanab to start soon   There is a 3 dog limit, but more classes can easily be added when this one fills. Date and time to be decided (with only 3 dogs, we can schedule it to suit). It will be a 6-week class, meeting once a week.

For more information or to sign up, email me at keith@goodtimesdogtraining.com, or call or text 540-748-3093.


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