The name has changed to Red Rock Musical Paws, but the club remains the same.

The Kanab Canine Freestyle Club, started by several Freestyle enthusiasts is, as it says, a club. It meets once a week at the park in the Ranchos.  As a club, rather than a class, there is no fee. It is a chance for people to meet with their dogs, learn about Freestyle, and practice dancing with their dogs.      

Everyone is welcome! No prior experience needed. You don’t even have to really understand what Freestyle is, we’ll teach you. And no attendance commitment. Feel free to come only when you want.

Freestyle is a great way to make a connection with your dog, and learn to better communicate with each other. For the dogs it’s great mental stimulation (hmmm–for me also!). As you are interacting with your dog in a light-hearted way, many dogs develop a greater interest in being trained!

It is also a chance to make some new friends with a mutual interest in dogs.

There is now a Red Rock Musical Paws Facebook page. Check it out, and ask to join if you are interested.

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